Update from Dr. Paul Boatman

Dr. Paul Boatman, Dr. Lowery’s long-time colleague and co-dean of the Seminary, sent this announcement via campus email shortly after 8:00 AM today:

Bob Lowery spent a peaceful night in his hospital room with his family nearby.  His breathing is halting and labored, but he does not seem to be in pain.  His departure appears to be imminent, but his strong heart keeps pumping for now.  We join family in praying for his peaceful passage.

While visitation with Bob is not appropriate at this time, the family in the waiting area would be receptive to a few visits.

NOTE: Dr. Lowery is at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, IL.

2 thoughts on “Update from Dr. Paul Boatman

  1. Those of us who have been fortunate to walk God’s earth at the same time as Bob Lowery rejoice in the blessing. Yet, we feel the sadness that he will no longer be with us physically. The memories are precious and many. “Thank You, Father, for the influence Your servant Bob Lowery has been to my children and the many students attending the classes he taught; for his faithfulness in dynamically proclaiming Your message; for his roaring laughter and the privilege of calling him “Friend”!” Farewell, my friend, the LORD awaits with a great crowd to welcome you Home.

  2. Thankful for the updates. It helps when we are all so far away from the waiting room.

    Bob….you and Marliyn have been such a HUGE encouragement to my family from the first time I met you so many years ago. As it was difficult for you to be in Scotland and us in Springfield in May of 1982, it is difficult to be in Kansas instead of Illinois this day. What JOY you must already be experiencing to know Jesus is a breath away!! God is Faithful!!

    Marilyn, Rachel, Brian and families. Our hearts are with you, and we understand the depth of the separation that is hsppening for you right now. We love you, Lowery Family and are so thankful that God crossed our paths in such a powerful way. Our prayers remain with you.

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